We, at EZ Service, manufacture and repair locks and keys to locks, right from installation, repair or replacement, at any given point of time. We all need security, both at home and office front. Businesses need higher grade of security and hence we offer specialized products for added safety at commercial places. Right from traditional locking systems to keypads and card swipe locks, we offer every option relating to locksmith services, under one roof. For example, when shifting to a new premises, we can either replace your existing lock or reconfigure the existing one, as per your preference and specification.


Drywall damage is a meticulous problem that needs to be handled with enough time and attention, in detail. If not handled with care, the end result can be disastrous, leading to an uneven and unappealing appearance or even structural damage to your existing walls. Our technicians offer impeccable services on a fast track basis, most efficiently.

What we offer?

  • We offer installation of new locks, be it the tradition lock and key system, keypads or swipe card options
  • We repair locks with difficult latches, broken keys stuck inside the keyhole, and even deal with frozen locks.
  • We cut keys if you lose or break a key and do not have a spare, stand-by one. In the event of renting out your property too, you might need to avail this service
  • We can help unlock your door in case you happen to lock yourself out of your own premises
  • We provide auto locksmith services for cars and other vehicles, in case of lost, breakage or broken keys of cars.
  • We provide security and protection to your private spaces. We advise you on what would work best for you in context with your security purposes and hence render you complete peace of mind.

RESIDENTIAL LOCKSMITH- With the growing number of thefts and incidents of break-outs being registered in residential properties, it has become a must to install advanced complete security systems at home. We at EZ Service value life and security of your near and dear ones and hence provide the safest and most secure systems to ensure complete protection to your home, when you are indoors or away at work or vacation. Right from repairing, replacing or installing new locks, we undertake every action to provide you complete peace of mind, at least when it comes to safeguarding your prized possessions at home. Just trust us and rely on our advanced locksmith services which would never let you down or jeopardise your security systems.

COMMERCIAL LOCKSMITH- Commercial locksmiths offer locksmith services to industrial and commercial offices and ensure to undertake complete security system installation services for industrial units on a large scale. These can be large corporations, retail stores, government offices or even private organisations. We at EZ Service advice the best locksmith services which would suit your security needs best. This would depend upon the product you deal in or profession you belong to. Also, the size and quantum of your turnover would also determine the kind of security services you would need to safeguard your wealth and belongings.

AUTO LOCKSMITH- Auto locksmith services include repair, installation and adjustment of locks and keys for everything from cars to office buildings, doors and windows to safes, and everything else that ensures complete safety for peaceful living. At EZ Service, we provide advanced security systems to all your valued possessions and ensure round the clock services for any emergencies that you might face, at any hour of the day. We stand alert to act upon every gesture of yours, at your beck and call, right from making duplicate car keys, providing car lockout services, programming or replacing key fobs, to car key extraction and so on. Your security is our motto and we never fail on our commitments to provide you the best and most advanced security services for all your auto locksmith requirements.

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