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Render your old premises with a new look with our specialised painting and drywall repair services. Choose your colors and let us create magic with it to transform your boring, dull-looking interior walls into bright, lively spaces for you to enjoy every moment in it. We ensure a clean, quick and hassle-free job work, with complete dedication and responsibility.

We provide top-quality, wall-to-wall, comprehensive drywall and painting services in Washington DC, right from repair and refurbishing work for old ones to creating new interior walls for newly constructed spaces. Combining our expertise with state-of-the-art tools and equipment, we pledge to render unmatched services with any interior space provided to us.

Be it any kind of improvement services, or consultation regarding security systems, we work in close connectivity with our clients to ensure they get the best and most out of us. Right from paintting to locksmith services, we deal in installation, repair and adjustment of all kinds of locks for office buildings, residences or others.

Having a quality and environmental friendly approach with complete dedication to satisfy our customers at the maximum, we affirm to go a long way in defining and refurbishing interior spaces with our top-class paint and drywall services and locksmith and garage door services.

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Dexterous Washington DC Drywall Contractors

Is remodeling your home in your mind? Looking for Washington DC drywall contractors to repair your existing drywall or install new ones? We at EZ Service host and handle all kinds of drywall repair and installation requirements before repainting the walls in the Washington DC area. We are your ultimate professionally trained and experienced drywall contractors in Washington DC.

What do we include in our Drywall Services?

  • Filling up holes whether it is a small rupture or a bothersome crater-sized damage
  • Removing all the wall attachments including mirror, wallpapers, and tiles that may lead to come out of the drywall flakes
  • Repairing water damage and moisture resulting from pipe leakages within
  • Refinishing the surface with paint or wallpaper or alternative specialty finish as per your preference.

We offer a wide range of drywall and painting services throughout Washington, DC. Our services include:

Among these mentioned services, water damage repairing is the most crucial one. If the problem is ignored or overlooked, then it can worsen with time and weaken the integral structure of the wall, loosening of joint tape with visible water patches, which may ultimately cause health hazards.

After completing the drywall repairing job, we apply primer to the walls before painting. Primer renders smoother finish to the newly painted walls. Before applying a drywall primer, we sand, wipe, and clean the wall properly. Then after applying the primer as a base coat, we apply the final paint on the wall.

Painting Service Washington, DC

Drywall & painting Service

After the drywall repair work has been done, the most important step is to primer the walls before painting in order to render a smooth finish to the newly painted wall. This includes sanding, wiping, cleaning and applying a drywall primer as the base coat before applying the final paint on the wall.

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Drywall and Painting Service Washington, DC

Garage Door Repair

REPAIR- Sick and tired of that damaged garage door and do not know who to hire to repair the damage? Still confused about the authenticity and quality of repair work a service-provider would offer?

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Garage Door Services

Great customer service, super-friendly staff, excellent quality of work and affordable prices, all these describe us as one of the most recommended Garage door service providers in our vicinity, in Washington DC. Be it residential garage doors or commercial garage doors, serving builders or home owners, our services are alike, indiscriminate and reliable to fix all your garage door needs.

Our highly professional and well-trained experts provide the recommended services and maintenance procedures essential for your garage door to run smoothly and operate reliably. Be it fixing an existing garage door or installing a brand new one, we offer services to satisfy every related need of yours in relation to garage door services.

INSTALLATION- Looking for a brand new garage door that is reliable, environmentally friendly, galvanised, well insulated, and even enhances your home energy savings? Now what else can you ask for? At EZ Service, we pledge to provide the top quality of Hardware for your garage doors and undertake every service with complete responsibility, along with years of warranty, right from procuring a quality product for you to installing it at your residence, or commercial space. Just let us know of your preferences and leave the rest for us to handle, while you rest comfortably within your home confines.

Locksmith Services

We, at EZ Service, manufacture and repair locks and keys to locks, right from installation, repair or replacement, at any given point of time. We all need security, both at home and office front. Businesses need higher grade of security and hence we offer specialized products for added safety at commercial places. Right from traditional locking systems to keypads and card swipe locks, we offer every option relating to locksmith services, under one roof. For example, when shifting to a new premises, we can either replace your existing lock or reconfigure the existing one, as per your preference and specification.

What we offer?

  • We offer installation of new locks, be it the tradition lock and key system, keypads or swipe card options
  • We repair locks with difficult latches, broken keys stuck inside the keyhole, and even deal with frozen locks.
  • We cut keys if you lose or break a key and do not have a spare, stand-by one. In the event of renting out your property too, you might need to avail this service
Residential Locksmith Washington, DC

Residential Locksmith

RESIDENTIAL LOCKSMITH- With the growing number of thefts and incidents of break-outs being registered in residential properties, it has become a must to install advanced complete security systems at home.

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Locksmith Services

  • New lock Key cutting
  • 24-hour service
  • Lockout solutions
  • Replacement keys
  • Broken key removal
  • Re-code car keys

Drywall & Painting Services

  • Drywall Repair
  • Ceiling Repair
  • Water Damage Repair
  • Drywall Finishing
  • Drywall Installations
  • Basement Remodeling

Garage door Services

  • Broken Garage Door Springs
  • Replace Broken Rollers
  • Garage Door Cable Repair
  • Garage Door Drum Replacement
  • Bent Garage Door Tracks
  • Garage Door Panel Replacement